ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to the MCO 3.0, please expect a delay in delivery. We will resume the delivery as soon as we can once the MCO has been lifted.

Rendang Daging Sapi

IDR 79.000

Bumbu Rendang Praktis

IDR 64.000

Rendang Paru

IDR 69.000

Keripik Sanjai Balado

IDR 20.000

Rendang Tumbuk/ Bola Daging

IDR 79.000

Rendang Bola Daging for Kids

IDR 49.000

Rendang Jengkol

IDR 55.000

Keripik Rendang Telur

IDR 27.000

Rendang Daging Suwir

IDR 59.000

Dendeng Lambok

IDR 79.000

Rendang Paru Kering

IDR 79.000
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